Apr 14, 2023
Isaac McNary, Program Director
The Outreach Program

The Outreach Program is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide water, food, medicine, and education to those most in need at home and abroad. In the USA we offer service projects in the form of our Meal Packaging Events, a fun and impactful way to give back to those in your own community that need help. Internationally, in Tanzania East Africa, we have programs that provide food, education, medical care, and clean water to the people and children of rural Tanzania. My job with The Outreach Program is to design, build, and install water purifications systems. Our primary focus right now is to get our Waterpoint Systems into the Primary Schools of the Mkalama district of the Singida Region. We currently have systems in 8 schools with a goal of putting systems into 85 more! We work with Rotary clubs to help sponsor these systems. When a club helps to sponsor the system they get a plaque with the club's name on it on the system, and regular updates on the system, the kids who are impacted, and the community it serves.