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Your temporary newsletter editor and her sidekick, Rex, are thrilled Amy is back from vacation.  We are very thankful for her masterful job reliably bringing us our club news.  
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Rotary Swarm global grant @ 2022 RI Convention,

New on our Trafficking Survivor Reintegration Global Grant
  • They are reaching out to community organizations, churches, and Rotary clubs for on-site meetings/events at the boutique. This is a way to engage community members in knowing more about human trafficking and how the proceeds from their purchases will go directing to helping survivors reintegrate back in the community and work force. The first event will be held on Saturday, Nov. 13th. They need five (6 ft long) tables, 50 folding chairs and black tablecloths. It would be great if your Rotary Club can donate any of these items. 
  • A volunteer from the boutique and training center will be scheduling two Rotarians and two community members for Zoom meeting workshops with survivors providing information on how to address pediatric (0-18 years old) emergency needs at home, how to fill out an employee application, and how to build a resume and interview skills. Plus, two individuals from Pawnee Mental Health will facilitate a "what we do now and how to move forward" workshop. These will take place near the end of October. 
  • One survivor from the reintegration program has a job at UPS. We are looking at incorporating survivors as interns at the boutique to gain skills in retail and customer service.
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Fire Safety Trailer

As you may know, one of our Club service and community outreach projects is supporting the Lenexa Fire Department (LFD).  We will not be volunteering with the Fire Safety Trailer this year.  However, we are invited to attend their Open House.

Saturday, October 16, 10am-2pm, the LFD is planning to host an Open House for the public at Fire Station #3, 24000 Prairie Star Parkway (by AdventHealth & St. James). They are planning a fun family-friendly outdoor event, with kids games and bounce houses, extraction demonstrations, trucks and equipment, even a Life Flight helicopter that will fly in at 10am and be on display. I believe the Trailer will also be parked there, which includes the Rotary name/emblem.

Hot dogs, chips and water will be provided.  Thank you to the Lenexa Rotary members that volunteered to help cook and serve.

Thanks and yours in service above self,  Ashley

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Happy Sukkot

Happy Sukkot
Thank you President Christopher for sharing The Sukkot holiday with our club.  Learning about this important Jewish holiday, being welcomed guests and sharing challah bread served with your fabulous honey, cinnamon and butter dip was a much better choice than the Chief's football game.  You did a great job in constructing your sukkah as it was a very windy day!
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Students Stopping Trafficking 2021-09-14 05:00:00Z 0
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Global Plant-Rich Diet Challenge

As catastrophic wildfires and storms hammer communities in many countries across the planet and leaders prepare for tough reckoning at this fall’s UN Climate Conference, an ESRAG Task Force is handing you the tools to lead a movement that will slash methane emissions and protect carbon sinks, without having to wait for public policy to change.  It’s the 15-Day Global Plant-Rich Diet Challenge, which starts Oct. 1. Sign up here.
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Lenexa Art Fair Recap

On Saturday, May 13th, our club teamed up with the Western Johnson County Rotary Club to run our beer and wine booth at the Lenexa Art Fair, which was located at the Southeast corner of 87th Street Parkway & Renner Boulevard. From Phil: "Thanks so much to all for a very successful Lenexa Art Festival. We made $1,431 of which we receive 1/2. and $142 (19 bottles) of wine will go to The Lenexa Rotary Club." Thanks to all our club members who helped out: Phil Hammond, Moe Cougher, Andy Ramsey, Erik Troy, Terry Tevis, Jerry Bowmer, Pat Thomas, and Doug Gorham.
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District Conference--Fellowship and Service

A total of 181 Rotarians registered for the District 5710 Conference held May 5-6 at the Overland Park Sheraton, including 16 members from our club! If there was an award for highest percentage of club participation at the district conference, I'm pretty sure we would win! It was thrilling to see such great participation from our club, as well as other clubs around the district. Lenexa Rotarians in attendance included: Terry Tevis, Matt Janes, Pat Thomas, Steve Nettles, Phil Hammond, Mike Dix, JC Burcham, Dinah Sykes, Jason Bledsoe, Milton Jeffrey, Tobias Scheffler, Ron Tennissen, Moe Cougher, Greg Peterson, Alan Kruckemyer, and most importantly, Jason Leib, who chaired the planning committee for the whole conference! 
Indoor skydiving at a Rotary conference? You bet!! Greg Peterson, Steve Nettles, Dinah Sykes, and Jason Leib (with his wife, Jacquelyn) suited up and gave it a try. Other participants visited the Prairiefire Museum or played at TopGolf.
Also at the conference, attendees packaged 13,000+ meals for Rise Against Hunger--in record time, under an hour! 
Please take a moment to thank Jason Leib for his efforts in organizing this year's conference. He and his committee did an excellent job.
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SMNW Interact Club

SMNW Interact and Lenexa Rotarians packaging meals for Rise Against Hunger.
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City of Lenexa Recognizes Our Club's 50 Years of Service

On Jan. 17, 2017, Lenexa Mayor Mike Boehm presented a certificate of recognition to the Lenexa Rotary Club on behalf of its 50 years of service to the community and the world. A handful of club members, including Pat Thomas, Phil Hammond, Jason Leib, Milton Jeffries, and Jerry Harper were in attendance. Charter president Charles Smith and current president JC Burcham accepted the award. Charlie shared some history about the club and its role in the community.
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Final Coat Count

As you know, the Lenexa Rotary Club challenged the Rotary Club of Shawnee to see which club could collect the most coats for the Johnson County Christmas Bureau this fall. Well, the results are in!
Lenexa: 178
Shawnee: 201
It was a close competition, and although our club fell short, we're all winners because 379 people will be warm this winter, thanks to our combined efforts! 
President JC Burcham will pay a visit to the Shawnee club this coming Friday (they meet at 7:15am at Town Hall, 11600 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS, for anyone interested!) to make her concession speech. Cheers to all who helped us collect so many coats!!
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Union Horse Distilling Co. Tour

Pictures from the Union Horse Distilling Co. tour


On Sat., Nov. 12th, members and guests of the Lenexa Rotary Club received a private tour of the Union Horse Distilling Co. This Lenexa-based company specializes in premium spirits, such as rye whiskey and bourbon whiskey.

They also have a gorgeous event space available for rental.


Damian Garcia provided a fascinating tour with lots of insight as to how whiskey and bourbon is made.


Gathered around Chester Copperpot, the Still. 

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On a chilly Saturday morning in November, SMNW Interact students and Rotarians from the Lenexa Club (Terry Tevis, Rick Morton, Matt Janes, Steve Nettles, Greg Peterson, Jason Leib, Jim Blaufuss, Phil Hammond), and Western Johnson County Club (Kelly Vaille), volunteered with HopeBUILDERS to build a wheelchair ramp for a paralyzed KCK teenager. The young man was injured in an accident earlier this year and completion of the ramp was a requirement to allow him to finally come home from the hospital. These kinds of projects can take all day to build, but with so many dedicated volunteers, the ramp was finished before 11:30am! Great work!!
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Stop Hunger Now update

On Nov. 29th, members of the Lenexa Rotary Club and Shawnee Mission Northwest Interact Club, as well as friends and family, gathered together to assemble more than 14,000 meals for people in need around the world.

What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving and feed thousands of people!

Lenexa members in attendance (not all are pictured here): Phil Hammond, Pat Thomas, Greg Peterson, Alan Kruckemyer, Mike Dix, Moe Cougher, Andy Hoedl, Matt Janes, Rick Morton, Steve Nettles, Dennis Moore, Bill Schutte, Doug Gorham, Fred Spears, Lenet Compton, JC Burcham, Alma (exchange student from Italy), Ana (exchange student from Romania)

For more pictures, visit the photo album on Facebook:

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Our Youth Exchange Students

Ana (top/left) dressed as a vampire for Halloween! I don't have a picture of Alma in costume, but here is her beautiful school photo! Our club is proud to sponsor these two amazing young ladies as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange program for one year. Ana is from Romania, and Alma is from Italy. Ana is looking for a different host family for the 2nd semester, if she can find one with kids. If you think you might be able to help out, please contact Lenet Compton asap:
Ana dressed as a vampire for Halloween
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Survival Skills from Chris Swanda

Chris Swanda gave an enjoyable talk about Survival Skills in the Business World, blending his barefoot survival techniques, an ability to "MacGyver" his way out of any situation, a sense of humor to our club on Sept. 2nd. If you want to follow what other interesting stories Chris is weaving his way into, follow him on Facebook:
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Rotarian Magazines Piling Up? 

Posted on Aug 27, 2016
Bring your old Rotarian magazines to a meeting, and we will donate them to the students of the Shawnee Mission Interact Club! 
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Posted on Aug 27, 2016
On Aug. 26, Anne Brewer, volunteer with SAFEHOME, talked about recognizing signs of domestic abuse and its effect on small businesses. Her presentation, “Domestic Violence Impact on the Workplace”, is available to businesses to educate employers on strategies to help employees who may be in an abusive situation.  She emphasizes the dollar and productivity loss companies experience when people miss work due to abuse.  She gives concrete information for employer and employee resources, along with how to respond to such a delicate situation.

We finally got to meet our two exchange students, Alma (from Italy) and Ana (from Romania)! We were relieved to hear that Alma's family and friends are ok after the tragic earthquake in Italy this week. So sorry we didn't get any pictures of our students. Next time!!
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Follow Zach on his travels in Denmark

Posted by Lenet Compton on Aug 17, 2016
Zach Ziegenhorn is our outbound student.  His parents are also the host of our exchange student from Italy, Almi.  Zach's mom tells me he is having an awesome time in Denmark!!  His e-mail address is and you can also follow his blog as a great way to keep connected – "hopefully he will keep writing on it!!"  The blog is at and if you “follow” you will get an e-mail every time he posts a new entry.  As Zach's sponsoring club, we have a duty to support him during his adventure.  I sincerely hope you will periodically check in and let him know Rotarians back home are interested and proud of what this year will mean to the rest of his life.
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Meet Our Youth Exchange Kids (arriving early August!)

Posted by Lenet Compton
Alma from Italy
Birthday is November 28 and she is 17 years old.  Her father is a dentist and mother a housewife.  She is an only-child.  Her English is "fair" and her strong areas in school are math, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, we will let her slide a bit on the English proficiency.  She comes from a school of 1730 so will fit right in to the big-school environment at SMNW.  However she comes from a small, quiet village. 
Her counselor is Becca Coleman.  Her 1st host family is Matt and Kamille Merz from Lenexa.
Ana from Romania
Birthday is September 22 and she is 16 years old.  Her father is an engineer and her mother is a doctor.  She has a brother, Teodor.  She is fluent in English and is fair in German.  The number in her school is 2140 and she also lists math, chemistry, etc. as her classes.  Other interesting classes are Logic and Plastic Art. 
Her counselor is Lenet Compton.  Her 1st host family is Greg and Judith Schieszer from Prairie Village.
More on school and home life next week.  The girls are arriving early August!
Please reach out to me if you are interested in hosting January thru May 2017 or know someone who may be interested in hosting.  I can be reached at 913-209-3864 or
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Active Paul Harris Fellows

Posted on May 18, 2015

Pete Black, Jim Blaufuss, Marilyn Blaufuss, JC Burcham, Becca Coleman, Christopher Coleman, Lenet Compton, Moe Cougher, Craig Denny, Lou Gehring, Doug Gorham, Phil Hammond, Jerry Harper, Jerry Henson, Andy Hoedl, Don Horine, Evelyn Hornaday, Matt Janes, Milton Jeffrey, Robert Kobler, Alan Kruckemyer, Jason Leib, Bill McCollum, Tedd Maxfield, Dennis Moore, Rick Morton, Greg Peterson, Andy Prosser, Marshall Rimann, Amy Ruo, Bill Schutte, Ashley Sherard, Charlie Smith, Fred Spears, Ron Tennissen, Terry Tevis, Pat Thomas, Hannas Zacharias.
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